Morgren "Ruckus" Ironheart


Dwarven Fighter



In his youth “Ruckus” Ironheart fought in the Red Hand War. Early in the war his unit commanders underestimated the strength and seriousness of the threat posed by the Red Hand. As a result his unit was overrun at Nimon Gap and nearly decimated. Ruckus survived that battle and went on to distinguish himself during the rest of the war and as well as his military service afterward. After nearly a decade of military life in the Hammerfist Holds he left military service and became a wandering mercenary. It was during these two decades that his life began to change. Set adrift in the world with little to no purpose, and haunted by the battles of his past, he began his descent into alcoholism. Sometime during the last decade he began drinking more than adventuring and his combat skills became as rusty as his axe.

Morgren "Ruckus" Ironheart

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