Brother Thorfin Hammerfist


Dwarven Paladin of Moradin.



Leader of the Raider of Rivenroar, Thorfin fights for truth, justice, ale, and the Dwarven way. Leaving his native mountains, Thorfin is looking to bring glory to his people and Moradin.

He is the seventh (and bastard) son of the current ruler of clan Hammerfist, lord and protector of the Hammerfist Holds. Though the Hammerfist Holds population is relatively small, the clans renown as warriors is well known. While the first son inherits the fathers title and responsibilities, the second and third sons have served as watch commanders at Moradin’s Watch for the last 500 years. As a general rule, the rest of the sons serve as soldiers at Moradin’s Watch for a time before following other pursuits.

On the night of his birth shooting stars originating in the Hammer constellation (the constellation of Moradin) burned across the night sky then exploded in the Dragon Queen’s constellation. Thorfin’s father and his priests took this as a sign that he was destined for some greater purpose, a vessel of Moradin’s will, born to strike a mighty blow against the Dragon Queen.

When Thorfin came of age he was drilled and trained in the dwarven martial tradition and strengthened by work in the forges of the Hammerfist Holds. Years later, after mastering the lessons of his clans greatest warriors and warsmiths, he was sent to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to receive religious training and further martial instruction.

Brother Thorfin Hammerfist

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