Erik the White (Deceased)


Human Ranger with wolf companion


383 ca ranger|

A reclusive ranger who volunteered his service as a scout and tracker after the Red Hands raid on Brindol on the night of harvest home. He was present at the Antler and Thistle tavern when it was attacked and burned to the ground. Having been at the tavern to have a meal with his half-brother who was killed during the ensuing melee. During the course of the week long trek to castle Rivenroar, Erik became fairly good friends with Ruckus Ironheart, who often kidded him about needing a wolf pelt to help him stay warm. Erik was killed after the group returned to Brindol and accidentally activated an Arcane Engine they had stolen from a group of brigands. The energy of the Arcane Engine transformed Erik and his wolf into zombies.

Erik the White (Deceased)

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