Jason "The Raven"


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Originally hailing from the city of Dennovar, Jason came to Brindol shortly after an altercation with the Dennovar thieves guild, who have since put a price on his head. In Brindol he joined up with a local group of adventurers to help rescue prisoners taken by the resurgent Red Hand of Doom, a local band of Hobgoblin thugs who raided the city shortly after his arrival. Afterwords he traveled with the remnants of the “Raider of Rivenroar” to the city Overlook and took on a salvage job, along with the others, with Boltsmelter Salvage. After his first mission into the shattered lands Jason jumped ship and joined with the Black Arrow Company.

His compatriots, know that this change of allegiance was a calculated move. One planned by [[Capt. Blackstone]], Thorfin and Jason, so that he could infiltrate and investigate the illegal activities of the Black Arrow Company.

Jason "The Raven"

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