Vauglear Boltsmelter




_“I have seen the works of Dwarf, Man and Halfling as an outsider looking in. I have seen in them admirable courage and altruism, as well as enough greed and cruelty to shame a goblin. I know, for I have been the victim of all four.” _

The 7’6”, 320 lb Gnoll Vauglear makes quite the odd inhabitant in the city of Overlook. The adoptive child of the Dwarf Divhon Boltsmelter, he was discovered as the old dwarf adventurer traveled near the Endless Plains along the Old North Road. Hearing sounds of distress, Divhon investigated and soon found a low riverbed inside the tall grass. Inside the riverbed where the countless bones of infant Gnolls. The source of the sounds was laying upon a rock just inside the riverbed. A Gnoll child with strange white fur and young enough to even lack teeth had been abandoned there as a new offering to foul beings that thirst for innocent blood. For reasons known only to him, Divhon could not bring himself to complete the monstrous sacrifice and leave the child to die. Instead, he took him.

Life is hard in Overlook, and nigh unbearable for someone not fortunate enough to be born a Dwarf, Man or Halfling and it was no exception for Vauglear. But he was well equipped to meet those hardships. He matured at the astounding pace that made some call his species unnatural, able to lift his adoptive father above his head at the age of six.(though the price for doing this was a rough introduction to Divhon’s stout dwarven belt) His father’s place in society was the greatest asset to Vauglear’s continued survival however. A father cannot protect his son from everything though, and all to soon Vauglear felt the hatred and xenophobia of the city.

Vauglear works for Divhon’s Salvage company, lending his considerable strength to fighting off the many malicious denizens of the Stonehome Chasm and recovering its lost secrets. He yearns to escape the concrete jungle of Overlook that despises him. Vauglear has a unique perspective of the dwarven race, and though he would not raise an eyebrow at devouring the corpse of any other race, he refuses to eat dwarf flesh. Most likely it is due to the influence of his adoptive father, but the fact dwarf meat tastes like dried leather covered in hair might also have something to do with it.

Minor Goals:
  1. Free 10+ half-orc slaves
  2. Meet another Gnoll
  3. Eat something exotic (like an Illithid)
  4. Successfully intimidate a demon or devil
Major goals:
  1. Discover the reason for his abandonment.
  2. Discover a magical item created by Gnolls, or some other important piece of their culture.
  3. Become famous, an example of rising above the prejudices (though well founded) associated with his race.

Vauglear Boltsmelter

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