Adronsius Firebeard


The only alchemist operating in the city of Brindol. He was captured and taken prisoner during the Red Hand’s raid on Brindol. After reaching castle Rivenroar he was given to the a Drow Pyromancer/Necromancer, (along with Frances “Honey” Yew) who was living in the crypts under the castle and helping to create undead soldiers for the Red Hand. The Drow wizard severed the old dwarfs right arm at the elbow, and was eating it for dinner, with a glass of Red Hand wine, when Adronsius’s rescuers arrived. He was returned to Brindol later that day.

After the PC’s returned from Castle Rivenroar they met up Adronsius again after switching on an Arcane Engine they had found during their adventure. In exchange for the engine Adronsius gave the group a letter of introduction addressed to an old delving buddy of his who currently runs a salvage operation out of the city of Overlook. In addition to the letter he agreed to pay all of the damages the group caused to the city of Brindol and to smooth things over with the city council while they agreed to lay low out of town.


Adronsius Firebeard

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