Brother Ash


Brother Ash is a devout follower of Pelor but left the Church of Light after the Witchcross incident, or purification. Feeling that the destruction of the Keepers of Eth, a local druidic group, was an unwarranted and overly severe reaction to the situation. He also subsequently stood against the church and its local leader Archbishop Skern, for their mistreatment of locals who were sympathetic to the Keepers of Eth. Called before the Archbishop from his post at the Monastery of the Purifying Flame, and was asked to leave the order.

That night as he lay awake in his bed unable to sleep the wall of his room suddenly exploded in a brilliant flash of light. A band of local adventurers in the room adjacent to his had accidentally set of a magical device of great power, an Arcane Engine. After helping to stop the raw destructive power of the engine, he spent the night with these men and decided to travel with them for a time working as a mercenary, until Pelor reveals to him what his destiny is to be.

While in the city of Overlook Brother Ash traveled through an area of town know as the Divine Knot. To his amazement, he found that the temple of Pelor was not only located in the filthiest and immoral section of the city, but that it had been abandoned and boarded up. After chasing away several street walkers who were working from the great temples steps, he entered the temple through a side entrance. He found the temple to harbor several creatures, two imps and a gargoyle.

Currently Brother Ash is contemplating a plan to restore the temple and to find out what happened to the priests who once attended the temple.

Brother Ash

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