Capt. Blackstone




A commander in the the Lions of Brindol Capt. Blackstone secretly accompanied the group to Castle Rivenroar, disguised as a simple militia soldier. He returned to Brindol with a number of rescued villagers and the halfling wizard Reverre. When the group returned to Brindol Capt. Blackstone accompanied Councilman Troyas to greet the returning heroes.

Thorfin met up with Capt. Blackstone again at Sadrack’s Splinter, when the dwarf spotted him in disguise at the villages only tavern. Capt. Blackstone had been trying to infiltrate the Black Arrow company but failed miserably. Later in a private discussion with Thorfin the two enlisted the help of Jason the Raven and helped the halfling infiltrate the group by stealing the navigational charts from the Boltsmelter airship.

Capt. Blackstone

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