Sygbert Ordway


Sygbert’s from Overlook. His parents were engravers. Drink and the plague killed his family, and he sold everything to pay for his magical education.

Sygbert likes learning, erudition, and craftsmanship. He despises the landed aristocracy—thinks they were just lucky enough to have the right parents. He thinks the guilds should run thing, with the advice of the wizards. He also dislikes drunkenness. His mother and sister died of plague, and afterward his father drank himself to death.

Minor Goals:
  1. Acquire a familiar. Preferably a raven or something metal.
  2. Learn to craft magic items.
  3. Make a pilgrimage to a site holy to the Raven Queen.
  4. Find out if the rumors about an iron cauldron that creates deathless slaves is true.
  5. See the ocean.
  6. Learn to use an axe or spear. Clearly inferior to arcane forces, but it never hurts to be prepared.
Major Goals:
  1. Establish a stronghold. Preferably a tower, with some nice caves beneath it.
  2. Acquire some minions to staff the tower.
  3. Discover a magical method to extend life. There’s simply too much to do and not enough time.
  4. Cross the ocean and find out what’s on the other side.

Sygbert Ordway

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