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World Building: The world setting that the campaign takes place in is a stock setting culled from the Scales of War adventure path, which builds on the 3e adventure path The Red Hand of Doom. While most of the world is taken directly from these sources, I have taken the liberty of changing things that I didn’t care for, and adding my own material, or items from other settings. While much of the world we will be playing in has been defined, there are always more that can be added. I am very open to player contributions and letting people expand on the basic material posted here, so long as that material doesn’t cause problems. Also, making up facts about the world during game play is encouraged. It may turn out that these facts are true or they might be rumors or misinformation.

Contribution by players will garner them one-shot power cards that they can spend during the game.

Refer to this page Character Creation about any questions on creating a character. It discusses any penalties or bonuses that the character might incur because of race, class, birthplace etc.

Character Background – Covers some elements you might want to touch upon if you have trouble coming up with a background for you character. While not mandatory, it would be nice to have some character background to work with other than the bonus giving background option from the character maker. At a bare minimum it would be nice if each player choose a birthplace for his character or noted that his character was a foreign born agent of destruction.

Races – A little background information on different races in the game.

NPC’s – Just a list of NPC’s that have been encountered in the game. Not all of them are listed and some those that are, are inconsequential, but some may play important roles later on.

Organizations – This is (will be) a list and brief description of important institutions and organizations that are commonly known or the character have first hand knowledge of.

Settlements – A not so comprehensive list of all the hamlets, villages and cities in the Elsir Vale and west to the city of Overlook, and beyond.

Geographic Regions and Features – A short description of major landforms and features.

Religion – A brief discussion of Religion in the region. All the major good align deities have been gathered into one pantheon and share a single church, The church of light. All unaligned deities are considered to be pagan Gods and shunned by the church. The worship of Evil Gods is prohibited and punishable by death.

History – Information on the history of Vale, both recent and ancient.

Technology and Alchemy

Main Page

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